So many updates

We made a bunch of changes to Local Hive tonight.

There is a new look home page for starters.

The new look Local Hive homepageEach county and Hive has a new look home page too. In fact, everything has a new look!

It is all part of the greater plan, which will be revealed soon. For now, have a look around and enjoy.



Local Hive Hampshire has arrived

We added Hampshire to the list of counties you can select in Local Hive, to make life easier for groups and businesses in the area.

When you add a new site, there is an option to create a new county in Local Hive. The same is true for each town and village (Hives). If they are not listed, you can add them too.

However, to coincide with the addition of Hampshire on our main website, we have created a corresponding community on Google+ too.

As with all communities, it is the people that make it matter. So if you live in or around Hampshire, join the conversation.

Google +1′s and sharing

Google +1 button for Local Hive virtual shops

A small update to Local Hive today. When you click the +1 button on one of the virtual shops, it will do one of two things.

If the virtual shop links to an external website, the +1 links to that URL. If the virtual shop has no external link, then the +1 links to the shop’s Local Hive address instead.

We made this change to benefit you, so that you know +1′s count towards to the totals of the sites you are visiting.

Merry Christmas from Local Hive

It’s that time of year when we look to those near us to celebrate Christmas.

With all the rain and high winds, it’s┬ánot just our immediate friends and family that we are thinking about.

Local Hive would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

If you want to stay better connected with those nearby, you can’t go wrong by joining one of our Google+ communities. Just click on one of the badges below.

New Google+ communities

Following in the footsteps of our Local Hive – West Sussex community, today we have launched two new Google+ communities.

If you live, work or play in East Sussex, there is now a Google+ community for you. Join Local Hive – East Sussex.

Similarly, if you live and breath in Surrey, there is a Google+ community for you too. Join Local Hive – Surrey.

We look forward to hearing your news!

A change of scenery

Local Hive’s banner that you see at the top of the site has been this for a long time.

Local Hive banner background - Original

It is an aerial view of Storrington taken from satellite images. It served it’s purpose, showing the place where Local Hive was first dreamt up and hopefully conveying the meaning behind Local Hive.

Doesn’t it look a bit flat and drab though?

Yesterday the sun shone brightly on Storrington (a village in West Sussex just on the edge of the South Downs). Perfect weather for a walk in the country. Chantry Hill is a popular spot for walkers, as it rises up above the village and gives spectacular views of the South Downs and surrounding countryside and that is where we went. Here is a panoramic view of the village (just visible on the left of the image) that we shot while there.

Storrington as seen from Chantry Hill

You will see that image from now on every time you visit Local Hive, as we have chosen to use it as the new banner background across the top of the main site and The Buzz.


Sharing your Local Hive shop address

Following on from our recent update which gives all sites registered a unique shop address, we have gone a step further with two more updates.

New shop sharing options

Visit shop address

Every shop has a unique number, clicking on this will open the Local Hive page for the shop. You can copy and paste the URL from there to an e-mail or a social network, to tell your friends.

We may update individual pages in the future to build a better experience for you.

Google +1 button

If you like someone’s Local Hive shop front, tell them about it. Click that +1 button and share it with your friends on Google+.

Unique shop address

When you create a shop front in Local Hive, it can sometimes be a little confusing trying to find your shop afterwards. Perhaps you want to tell other people where to find it?

The answer is here at last. When you are editing your site, you will see a link to your site’s shop address.

Unique shop address

Click it and it will take you to your shop front.

Share it with friends and colleagues, to let them know where to find it.